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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

That Coachella List Is Probably a Hoax
So, I think everyone's seen the list that's posted at the NIN Hotline by now, and that list has been spreading like wildfire, to Undercoverand then places like the NME and XFM (though those articles add Coldplay to the list, which is something new). The first place I saw it though, was when it was posted on the Coachella forum here (which, according to the date on the post, predates the NIN Hotline post by one day). When I was checking the board earlier today, the guy who first posted the list started a thread saying it was all a hoax, and was gleefully posting links to news sites and blogs that had taken the bait. I was gonna link to that thread, but it seems to have been deleted. Better evidence that the thing was a hoax, however, comes from Billboard:

However, event organizers tell Billboard.com the rumored bill is not correct, and that offers have only recently began going out to prospective bands. What's more, the exact date of the 2005 show will not even be confirmed for another month or so, according to Goldenvoice president Paul Tollett, whose company promotes Coachella.

So that takes care of that. Meanwhile, I'll get the rumors/confirmations list going over the weekend or early next week, when I have time.

News and Other Stuff

- Who says you can't find anything good at a yard sale? Some guy found the only copy of the Velvet Underground's first recording session...for 75 cents.

- Hot Hot Heat's next album, Elevator, should be out in April. Billboard's got the tracklisting.

- The Guardian has an interesting article about the demise of the Beta Band, and an interview with Shane MacGowan (apparently he plays a drunken minstrel in the new Johnny Depp movie, The Libertine)

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