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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Dizzee Rascal Confirmed for Coachella
Thanks to an email tip, we can put Dizzee on the list for Sunday (according to Matador Records' tour page).
Wilco Confirmed For Coachella
Yup. It's on the band's site. They're playing Sunday. I'm totally psyched to hear this, because I suggested them last year. Props to Goldenvoice for taking peoples' suggestions. Especially when they're mine.
More Coachella News
This article from Virgin Mega Magazine confirms Paul van Dyk and Mark Farina for the dance stages, and it further confirms The Crystal Method. All the other acts mentioned are ones we already knew about.

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier, the Coachella website is up and running, and the lineup should be announced Monday.
Okay...the Flaming Lips Are Playing, Kinky Also Confirmed
As you probably know, everyone was psyched to see the Flaming Lips at Coachella. Until the band's board moderator said it wasn't gonna happen. Today he posted the following message:

I just found out that we ARE playing Coachella this year after all. Wayne had a change of heart. Woo-hoo!!! See you there!!

Also, people have been saying the band Kinky is confirmed for a few days now...apparently the source is the band's Yahoo newsgroup. Unfortunately, it requires registration, but apparently the following message was posted:

thats right peeps, pack your bags, for the 2-night party!
Kinky will be performing on the MAIN STAGE with Radiohead!

They probably won't be performing WITH Radiohead, but it probably means they'll be playing Saturday.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Wanna Hear the Franz Ferdinand and Probot Records?
Audiojunkies is hosting downloads of both albums in their entirety. I'm enjoying the Franz Ferdinand record so far (recommended if you like: new wave, weirdness), I'll probably buy it when it comes out on this side of the pond. And the chorus of "The Dark of the Matinee" sounds so familiar it's driving me crazy. Maybe it's reminding me of a Talking Heads song. I don't know. And the intro of "Auf Achse" reminds me of music from a computer game I had as a kid (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis! I miss that game!). I'm not terribly impressed with the Probot record so far, but then again, I'm not much of a metalhead.
Joe Cocker's Version of the Beatles Sucks
Sadly, the folks polled by The Guardian didn't know that, and voted it one of the best covers of all time. I bet you'll never, ever guess number one. I'm being sarcastic, of course. But if you can't I'll give you a 2-word hint: Legendary Guitarist.

Oh, the worst cover ever (as voted here) was also a Beatles cover. By William Shatner. I can attest to the horrors of his version of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds". My Beatles History professor played it for the class on our first day, his reason being "Things can only get better from here."

How did the people on this poll forget Jeff Buckley's rendition of "Hallelujah"? Hell, Hendrix's version of "Hey Joe" probably could've made the list as well. Cake's version of "I Will Survive" is pretty cool. And the Doors' cover of "Whisky Bar" is amusing (it was originally from a German opera). Maybe this will be the mp3 theme for next week. Good cover versions.

Moshing Etiquette and Safety Tips
Man, I wish I'd known this stuff before I got into my first pit. Essential reading for those about to mosh.
(Link via Largehearted Boy)

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Stellastarr* Confirmed for Coachella
I just received an email from someone who got an update from Formula PR (the band's pr firm). The Stellastarr*/ Killers tour wraps up at Coachella.
More Coachella Gossip
Mean Street (for you non-Angelenos, it's an alternative weekly (or bi-weekly..or something) that's only about music) has a list up at their site of bands that were reported to them as confirmed (by sources other than Goldenvoice). The band names I hadn't already heard were: Cursive, Stereolab, Turbonegro, Thursday, Stellastarr*, The Sounds, Sparta. Some others were either confirmed or in the rumor column. I decided to move the artists in this article to the 'strongly rumored' column.

These Nine Inch Nails rumors have come back with a vengeance today. JamBase seems to be listing them as 'confirmed', and the Coachella message boards are abuzz with people saying a DJ at San Diego's 94.9 has said NIN was confirmed. But sometimes DJs are morons. Oh well, we'll find out Sunday, when the Coachella site launches.
Coachella Update
Sage Francis has confirmed himself at the fest on a message board. This particular message says he doesn't know the date yet, but the dude who sent me the email telling me about the post said that he mentioned somewhere else he was definitely going to play Sunday.

Dig Wins Jury Prize, Picked Up For Distribution
Awhile back I mentioned the film Dig, a documentary about the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, and how it was going to Sundance. Turns out, it won the Jury Prize (Best Documentary), which is supposed to be the festival's highest honor, I think. Fortunately, it looks like we'll all have a chance to see it, as it has been picked up for major distribution by Palm Pictures. More here.

Buddyhead's Best and Worst of 2003
It's a pretty entertaining read. You can check it out here. Some of my favorite parts:

Best of:
Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
Thom Yorke thought he'd dedicate his album's title to the wack President our country has right now. Hey Thom, I've got a better idea... on the next album why don't you use the album title to address the fucked up garbage your country tries to pass off as food?...

Worst of:
Metallica - St. Anger
More or less, this is some old guy barking out of key over the sound that happens when a garbage can gets thrown down a flight of stairs. I've heard the crackheads playing on plastic buckets for quarters in my neighborhood get better drum sounds than this.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Concert Ruined By Guy Enjoying Himself
Another great article from The Onion.

"Sometimes it's like that," said Empty Bottle manager Bruce Finkleman. "Everyone at a show is standing there, arms folded, having a great time, and then someone decides to get crazy. It can kill an otherwise perfect night. Unfortunately, unless the enthusiastic fan breaks something, my hands are tied."

This Is Bullshit!
As you may or may not know, there's an awesome radio station in Cincinnati called WOXY. They have a message posted on their homepage that reads (in part):

We're a little stunned ourselves to announce the sale of WOXY to First Broadcasting Investment Partners of Dallas. The FCC approval process takes about three months, so the switch should occur sometime around May 1st.

They're going to try to keep the station going on the internet. Let's hope it works. I mean, look at this playlist! That's what Indie 103.1 should be doing.

It just isn't fair that stations like WOXY can't stay in business while shitty radio stations like 93.1 and 89X in Detroit can thrive.

And what the hell is Bright Eyes doing on 89X's Hitlist?? Does this mean the station is starting to realize that it's not 1999 anymore?

[Edit: A message on Saddle Creek's website reads:
A handful of stations across the country are playing some of our records. In Los Angeles, 103.1 has been playing Bright Eyes, Cursive, and The Faint and KROQ has been playing "Agenda Suicide" by the The Faint. In Detroit, 89X has been playing "Lover I Don't Have to Love" by Bright Eyes.

In what some people are referring to as a "paradigm shift'" (there is a nonsense industry term for you) in commercial radio, some very large stations have begun to play records like this without monetary contributions from the labels--a practice we have not and will not participate in. If you feel inspired to call and request these songs, it may help generate some additional interest. If not, that is fine too.

Bornbackwards suggests that radio stations do this to show labels how much exposure they can get in order to secure their participation in pay-for-play programs. They're probably right. ]

Coachella Update
Thanks to an email tip, we can now add My Morning Jacket to the confirmed list. This Billboard article confirms the band, along with ...Trail of Dead, Atmosphere, !!!, and Eyedea and Abilities (which we already knew about).
Ode to a Record Store Guy
Rocksnobs has a really cool piece up about that special relationship between a vinyl junkie and their local record store clerk.
Bob Dylan Touring US Again
Just when I think I'm used to living in LA I go to Bob Dylan's tour page thinking "Man! I hope there's a Detroit show!" And then I realize that would be pretty much useless to me. There are three Detroit shows, at the State Theater, for what it's worth, but no LA show yet. Maybe I should go home for Spring Break and catch one of them.

Needless to say, Bob Dylan is awesome live. I saw him back in November 2001 at Cobo Arena, and it's one of the five best shows I've ever seen. Bob is pure class. He had to play to this awful audience of baby boomers who weren't even paying attention for the first half of the show, and refused to pay attention until he played "Like A Rolling Stone". Did Bob get upset? Did he start calling the audience 'date rapists' like those crybabies in At the Drive In? Nope. He and his band just kept playing better and better with each song, until everyone in the venue was dancing and rocking out.

My Little Brother on Rage Against the Machine's Transition to Audioslave:
they are like animals from the rain forest that have been captured and caged by the evil zoo keeper with a stupid looking mustache

He says the 'evil zoo keeper' is Chris Cornell.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Wisdom of the Day
If you're ever having a bad day, remember:

There is a guy who lives in the apartment below mine who, at nine o' clock every morning, starts singing and strumming Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want".

At least you're not him.
Another Coachella Confirmation
DJ Seb Fontaine will be playing on Sunday, for all you electronica fans.
(Link via Ingenuitous)

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Oh...In Case You Didn't Know
When I told two of my friends on AIM about the Killers confirmation, they responded with "who??" If you were wondering the same thing, I suggest you check out these mp3s at New York Doll. It's some good, 80s influenced rock. But not, like, 80s hair metal. It's the kind of dark, occaisonally involving synthesizers 80s rock.
Coachella: !!! and the Killers Confirmed
Thanks to all the email tipoffs, it seems that as I was taking a nap a !!! confirmation surfaced. I wondered what the hell this Brainwashed site was, but its description reads: We exist as a website for information on a small number of bands and record companies...When we opened our doors in April of 1996, we wanted to honor some of our favorite bands with websites. These bands either had a lousy idol worshipping fan site, a corporate site which ignored a band's career outside of the label or no web site at all.

That sounds pretty legit to me.

Also, as you all probably know by now I am somewhat wary of email confirmations. By that I mean people emailing and saying "I talked to the band and they said they were going to play". While I totally appreciate the tips and think it's awesome that people want to share their info with everyone, I really like to have confirmations I can see and link to.

However, since this is the third email of this nature I have received, I'm going to change this policy. The new policy is that I will accept such claims on good faith (unless of course, it's something totally stupid, like someone saying they talked to Jimi Hendrix on a Ouija board and he's going to possess someone's body and play). What reason does anyone have to lie? Next to each item on 'the list', I'll link to the blog entry describing the email, and you, good readers, can decide for yourselves whether you think it's legit. With that said, today's email reads:

I spoke with The Killers last weekend and they said they were playing.

So there ya go.
Oscar Nods
I'm only going to mention one. The song "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow" from the movie A Mighty Wind was nominated for Best Song. So I'm surprised a good song was actually nominated, though I like the song "Never Did No Wandering" better. Interestingly, "Rainbow" was written by Spinal Tap alum Michael McKean and his wife. You can see the other music nominees here.

Wow! We actually have some news today! Hold onto your hats, kids.

Finally! Darkness Tour Dates!
They'll be kicking off their first major US tour in Milwaukee. I didn't even know bands played there. Anyway, you can get a whole list here, but the LA date is 4/17 at the Henry Fonda.

[A side note to some kids I know in Detroit: You guys, get off your lazy asses and go and actually buy tickets for this one. They're playing at St. Andrews, the greatest venue in the world, which is yet another reason to go. Jessica, I know you love talking to that one crazy parking attendant. Oh, and the date is 3/28. You have no excuse. Don't fuck this one up!]

Actually, I would encourage you all to go get tickets for this one, regardless of where you live. Especially if you live in Milwaukee, 'cause it's not like you have anything better to do.

"This Feels As If It Could Be Song of the Year"
That's what Hives frontman Howlin' Pelle told the Aftonbladet about a new song the Hives previewed at an awards show in Sweden a few days ago. The song is called "Walk Idiot Walk". Song of the year? With a title that promising, you never know.

Polyphonic Spree Frontman Compares New Record to the Earth Giving Birth
Their sophomore record will be called Together We're Heavy, and should be out in May. Apparently it is "more epic than Death Valley", according to their lead singer. For tentative song titles and more random info, click here.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Thought-Provoking Article of the Day
This article is about the divide in opinion between critics and fans when it comes to the arts. The link goes to the message board I found it on, since the Tribune requires registration. I couldn't help sounding off on a couple of passages from the article (WARNING!: This entry has turned into a huge rant. Proceed with caution):

Deep down, we really don't believe in the wisdom and judgment of our fellow citizens. Deep down, we're convinced that only an enlightened few know the truth.

Um. Ok. I can't fucking stand Britney Spears. But she has sold millions of records. So have a bunch of bands that I dislike tremendously. So why should I trust my fellow citizens? Based on what I've seen, they have lousy taste (Linkin Park?? Creed?? What the hell are they thinking??).

Do I think critics know the truth? Hell no! They're just lucky bastards who may or may not be competent writers who get records and concert tickets sent to them for free! Their job, if anything, is to sift through all the stuff they get sent and bring to our attention worthwhile artists who we might not have otherwise heard about. That's probably why so many of them champion obscure bands. Why the hell should anyone champion Britney Spears? Even if she didn't suck, she has a multi-million dollar marketing campaign behind her, and her face is all over magazines and MTV. She doesn't NEED any help getting her name out there. Why should people try to inform us of the genius of a pop star when we can easily hear their music and see for ourselves?

When film critics claim that it's simple to create a movie such as "Jurassic Park" that appeals to millions, when literary critics sniff that anybody can write a best seller such as King routinely does, when TV critics pontificate that entertaining a gargantuan audience with a reality show such as "Survivor" is child's play, the retort should be: Oh, really? Then why aren't more imitators successful? Why haven't the myriad Spears wannabes and "Survivor" rip-offs also become icons?

I believe the answer to that last question can be answered with something (I think) I've learned in 9th grade economics. It's called the Law of Diminishing Returns. I think it states that the more you put out of a certain product, the less you'll get in returns each time. Why aren't the Britney ripoffs successful? Because we already have some boring teenager singing hollow pop songs. We don't need a second album of that. We want something new, even if it's something that's equally as shitty.

Also, we tend to equate originality with authenticity. Young kids see Britney as authentic (because they don't know she's unoriginal) while Mandy Moore, or whoever, is a ripoff of Britney, hence she is not original and is therefore not authentic. We like to believe that we ourselves are original, and we want the music and art we enjoy to be original in some way. So a second act brought to cash in because of a first just won't fare as well.

I do not believe originality exists. Everything has been done before. Any band you like is blatantly ripping off a band that came before. Even rock cannons like Elvis and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are all ripping off other people. And the musicians they're ripping off just took their shtick from someone else. Essentially, rock stars are just a bunch of glorified thieves. But just because they didn't invent a certain genre of rock (or a certain onstage persona) doesn't mean that they can't play it with authenticity. Authenticity is about passion, for art and for expression. Authenticity is someone who creates a work of art because they don't know how to do anything else.

An example: How about Kurt Cobain's rendition of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" (the one from Unplugged In New York)? Did Kurt invent the blues? Was he one of its earliest players? Did he even write the song? Of course not. But I think this version of the song has more soul than Leadbelly's. If you happen to catch the tv special, watch the performance of the song, and pay close attention to the part where Kurt looks up from his guitar after screaming the word "shiver" at the very end. Look at the pain in his eyes. No, really, I'm serious. You can't fake that sort of thing. So there you have it, something that's not original but authentic.

And authenticity is something that critics and fans can all agree is a good thing.

Ok, More Mp3s

I should be shot for not thinking of this band earlier. There's no better way to wake up on a Monday morning than by listening to some Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. Their music is an ass-shaking, foot-stomping, hand-clapping good time. They're best known for their awesome rendition of "Devil With a Blue Dress", but I figured most people probably know that one, so this one is called "Jenny Take a Ride", and it's a medley of Little Richard's "Jenny, Jenny" and Chuck Willis' "C.C. Rider."

"Jenny Take A Ride"- Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

Also, since I was talking about Smile yesterday, here's one of the better tracks.

"Heroes and Villains (Part One)"- The Beach Boys
Music For A Case of the Mondays

I'm so tired I can hardly see straight, so I'm gonna skip the lengthy commentary and just give you the songs

"Terriers"- Kids In the Hall (Warning: this song may lodge itself in your skull and not leave for a couple of days. But it's really entertaining.)

And, um, I had another song that was really good for this topic, but my computer doesn't want to let me post it. It's a song about some dude that lost his hand in an accident and now plays drums. It sounds depressing but it's actually a really upbeat song about how you shouldn't give up on life. I have to say I've never heard anything like it. I'll see if I can figure it out (or find a substitute) later. I have to go to class now.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Strokes @ House of Blues Sunset Strip, Feb. 5
But only if you're over 21 and have an American Express Card
Big Thanks to Chris from Ambitious Outsiders for sending me this info. For a mere $50 (which will go to VH1's Save the Music Foundation), you can see the Strokes at the House of Blues on Thursday, Feb. 5 at 7pm. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Sunday) at 10 a.m. But don't forget your American Express card! Because Ticketbastard is saying that's the only accepted method of payment. Maybe you can get away with cash if you buy from an actual outlet, but I will not be finding out, because I'm not 21 and don't have a fake I.D. (or fifty bucks, come to think of it). Best of luck to you folks who are eligible. Now please excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

Oh, wait, I can't cry myself to sleep yet, I have Coachella stuff to tell you...
Trail of Dead and Atmosphere Confirmed for Saturday
According to what appears to be a booking agency, the Kork Agency. (via email)
Teenage Symphonies to God
The Guardian interviews Brian Wilson and they discuss the Beach Boys' 'lost album' Smile. Turns out that after more than 30 years, he has finished the songs on the album and is taking them on tour (in England, of course). A topic briefly touched on is what would have happened if Smile had been released. Would it have changed rock history? An interesting question, especially if you consider that Pet Sounds was a response to Rubber Soul, and Revolver was considered the response to Pet Sounds, would Smile have affected the way Sgt. Pepper sounded? Would Smile be the cultural touchstone Sgt. Pepper is today?

Based on the version of Smile that I have, I think the answer to that last question is no. While the scattered parts of the record do contain some good pop songs, for every good song there's one of unlistenable noise. Also, for a concept album, it had a hell of a concept it was trying to fill:

...it was an attempt to encapsulate American music and history in its entirety, from Dixieland to Disney, Phil Spector to Westerns, comedy to spirituals, George Gershwin to the Great Fire of Chicago.

"Teenage symphonies to God," Brian called it.

Sometimes there is such a thing as being too ambitious. And the inconsistency of the cuts on Smile reflect that. It's difficult to imagine them coming together as a cohesive album, and even if they did, they wouldn't come close to fulfilling the intended concept.

And why do we need a single album to encapsulate all of American music and history anyway? That's what we have all those Dixieland and Phil Spector and Gershwin records for. Trying to put all of that stuff on one album is like trying to make a 'Greatest Hits' album for a great band. You might be able to deliver the highlights, but you'll never really do the band justice, or offer any real understanding of their work.

The reason Sgt. Pepper succeeded is because it focused on a very simple concept: A band playing a gig and singing songs about little aspects of everyday life. The songs were (more or less) your standard, well-crafted, and above all, accessible pop songs (with the exception of "Within You Without You"). And I don't think that Smile would have persuaded the Beatles to make a different record.

In the end, Smile's myth is greater than its reality.
Lawsuits? Pfft. Stickers?? NO! Anything But Stickers!
You know those FBI warnings that come on videos and DVDs? Well, you can expect them for CDs. It sounds like it's just gonna be a sticker on the record's packaging, however, there are discussions of displaying the warning when you try to play a CD on a computer (which I'm delighted to hear, since my computer is the only audio system I own...). Yes, this new strategy to prevent file-sharing should be just as effective as suing 12-year-olds.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Oh. My. God.
Rock and Roll Confidential has done it again. By 'it' I mean making a movie about a laughably pathetic band. This movie is unbelievable. It features the most disgusting human habitat caught on camera, a 30-year-old man inexplicably playing air guitar on a broomstick, one of the band members debating with himself whether he's a drug addict or an alcoholic, and the band getting kicked out of a studio. And they take a Scientology personality test (by the way, what IS it with stoners always wanting to take those tests? I've never seen a sober person walk into a Scientology building). Instead of that stupid D.A.R.E. program, schools should just use this film to show what happens when you smoke too much weed. You'll work at a gas station, live in a makeshift garbage dump and be in a terrible band that has been together 8 years and has no website, CD, or...anything, for that matter.
Rumor Updates
I put all this stuff on the pop-up list too, so I'll be quick

- Virtual Festivals is confirming PJ Harvey. I don't know how reliable that is, so she has only moved to the 'strongly rumored' list. Desert Sessions and Massive Attack are now on that list as well. (via email)

-The Jam reunion sounds pretty unlikely. Not that it ever sounded likely in the first place, but still. (via email)

-Neutral Milk Hotel, the Velvet Underground, and Howard Dean are NOT gonna be at Coachella! Pitchfork just made that shit up.

-Finally, people have said the Shins, Dizzee Rascal, Sage Francis, and Atmosphere are confirmed. Does anyone have any sources for this info?

-Thanks again to everyone who has sent me email. It would be impossible for me to stay on top of all this stuff by myself.

In other news...
More Ryan Adams Wackiness
Ryan Adams has suffered a 'suspected' broken wrist after falling off a stage in Liverpool. Falling off a stage is probably a lot less embarrassing than leaving that answering machine message and having it wind up all over the internet. If his music is so "undeniable", then why does it continue to take a backseat to his antics? He's almost like a male Courtney Love.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

"November Rain" Explained
I was listening to some Guns N Roses earlier. This reminded me of the "November Rain" video, and I found myself wondering, "What happened to Axl's wife at the end?" Then I remembered seeing the full version of the video, and the last shot said it was based on a short story, so I googled and found it. The story is called "Without You", by Del James (you can read it here). It kind of sucks, actually, but I can just imagine Axl reading it and thinking, "Whoa, this really depicts the cruel existence of a rock star." Would you like to know just how cliche and cheesy this story is? Here's the moral of it, I think:

Until several hazy hours ago, Mayne's life, no matter how miserable, had been something most people could only dream about. It was all an illusion, and he was one of rock 'n' roll's elite, a hero. Now, he'd been reduced to his basic self and nothing really mattered. He felt the thorns wrapped around his heart and for the first time in far too long, felt human again. He'd smothered his spirituality in drug abuse. He'd stunted his health and personal growth with vice. He'd blinded himself because he was afraid to see that his purpose, his gift in life, was to be true to himself. And the only time he was able to find that inner truth was when he played his music.

Oh, and Axl's wife? She blew her brains out. Because of him.
What's Going On Here??
The Flaming Lips were confirmed by the press release on the Cure's site, as well as a slew of other places. So what's up with this post by the Flaming Lips' touring drummer and message board moderator?

Sorry folks. We aren't playing Coachella this year. Wayne decided that most people that would be interested in seeing us there will have already seen the show at least a couple of times and between finishing the movie and starting the next record, there won't be enough time to get a brand new show together in time without taking too much time away from the movie/album.

As the person who emailed me this bit of info said, what does this say about other confirmations?

Did the Flaming Lips pull out, or were they never confirmed in the first place? Or are they just pulling our legs? What the hell is going on here??

More discussion later. I have to get to class.

Ok, Broken Social Scene is Confirmed for Coachella
Here's an excerpt from an email I received today:

...I noticed that you said Broken Social Scene was only rumoured to be at Coachella 2004. Well, I don't know how reliable I am from your point of view, but I can guarantee you that I talked to Kevin Drew, the band's vocalist, when they played at Amoeba and the conversation went as followed... Me: "Hey man, so when are you guys coming back down to California?" Kevin Drew: "We're playing at some festival...Hey Brendan! What's the name of that festival we are doing here in the spring?" Brendan Canning: "Coachella." .....

I'm adding Broken Social Scene for the same reasons I added the Stills: There is attribution for the information (in this case, band members), the band was strongly rumored anyway, and it doesn't really make any sense for someone to make stuff up.

Now, what's up with people saying the Shins are confirmed? Do tell.

Rilo Kiley Bootleg
You can download one of the band's acoustic gigs from Pomona here.
(Link via Ambitious Ousiders)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

More Coachella Gossip
This piece of gossip has been making the rounds at the Coachella message board as well as my inbox. It seems that P-Nut of 311 has posted the following message on the band's message board, in response to a fan's comment that they should play Coachella:

I just called the managers about it, they are going to call harrington, our booking agent...the wheels are turning, hopefully, in our favor...I have wanted to play coachella for as long as it's been around...
be good good idea, see you there

However, I wouldn't tell 311 fans to get their hopes up. Someone at Goldenvoice says here that the line up is currently full for 2004. Or maybe that's just a blow-off answer they give to booking inquiries. You never know.
Since it's been a painfully slow day, I'll link to some cool mp3s. Campy 50s/60s, New York Punk, or Lonesome Highway Ballad, choose your poison.

"In Love With Elvis"- The Real Pros

"Don't Die"- Richard Hell

"In Love With A View"- Mojave 3

Rilo Kiley to Release New Album in May or June
Pitchfork has more.

Oh, Buddyhead Should've Added This to the List (Mini Rant)
Yeah, I was supposed to mention this earlier, but I forgot. What the hell is up with those prissy girls who incessantly bitch and moan that someone is pushing them?? OF COURSE YOU'RE BEING PUSHED! YOU'RE AT A FUCKING CONCERT! And if that isn't bad enough, they keep glaring or shooting nasty looks at the person immediately behind them like it's all their fault (like those idiots at the YYY's taping last night). Hey! I'm being pushed too! And you don't hear me bitching! Ugh. I can't stand these people! If you're going to complain throughout the show and ruin it for everybody else, do EVERYONE a favor and STAY HOME!
TV Tapings: Just Say No
Just got back from seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on the Jimmy Kimmel show. They were pretty damn good (setlist: "Maps", "Black Tongue", "Rich"), but a TV show is a lousy environment for a band to perform in, as it kills any momentum they might build up, and a lot of people in that audience have obviously never read Buddyhead's Rules For Audiences of Rock (ESPECIALLY #1 and #3. And #9). And of course, you have to sit through a TV taping, which isn't much fun. Although, I did learn something. I always wondered if the people in TV audiences actually liked the band that was performing that evening. As it turns out, that's the ONLY THING keeping people there. Finally, if you must go to one of these things, get there early and sit up front. When they dismiss you to see the band (who play in a totally separate room, in this case), you'll get to leave first, while the poor bastards in the back of the room leave last and won't be able to see a thing.

Last Plea For A Yeah Yeah Yeahs Ticket. Honest.
Based on what I saw tonight, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs still fucking rock, and if you are going to today's show at the Troubadour, you are a lucky, lucky bastard. If anyone would like to make me a lucky bastard by selling me a ticket, you know what to do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Libertines Stuff
Pete Libertine has posted some stuff on this message board (if you read past the stuff about getting a new lock and something about ghouls) about a Babyshambles single, a 7" consisting of the songs "Babyshambles" and "At the Flophouse", to be released on an indie label. Rough Trade will likely release the single on CD format, with an additional track (possibly "Campaign of Hate", of which you can hear a demo here).

Also, you can check out the band's set from Dec. 18, which was broadcast on Radio One, here. I should probably mention that the mp3 is the entire gig and it's about 30MB. That site also has a video from Amsterdam, and the quality is pretty good.

Beatles, Monkees Mashups
Go Home Productions has posted some new mashups, which involve some Beatles and Monkees tunes. I like "Paperback Believer", a mashup of the Beatles' "Paperback Writer", and the Monkees' "I'm A Believer". I'm not quite sure what I think of the Xtina/Monkees mashup yet.

Monday, January 19, 2004

The Stills for Coachella
Hmmm. Originally, I wasn't going to add a band to the 'confirmed' list until there was a page on a reputable news source or band/management/pr site that I could link to. It's mostly an issue of attribution. There are a ton of people on message boards and other sites saying "Oh, so and so will play", but they never say how they know this. The info could be from the band's lead singer or from some random guy waiting in line at Amoeba, for all I know.

However, I just received an email from someone who has claimed to have spoken to the Stills' keyboardist, manager, and close friends who are planning to fly out here for the show. Since this has plenty of attribution, the Stills were strongly rumored anyway, and I don't really see why anyone would want to make stuff up about the Coachella lineup, I will add them to the 'confirmed' list.
Go Choke On a Biscotti!
Ever wonder why coffee places don't just have the sizes small, medium, and large? Apparently, the creator of this cartoon did.
Muy Interesante
La Vibra, the entertainment branch of major LA Spanish-speaking paper La Opinion, says that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bright Eyes are confirmed for Coachella. And I have to say that's pretty awesome news.
Dude Sings As A Lady
Once again, it is time for new mp3s. This week, we have three songs that could have been train wrecks, 'cause it's guys singing songs about female protagonists...from a first person perspective. But fortunately for us, the songs turned out great.

I remember the first time I ever saw the White Stripes live. When they played this song, my jaw just hit. the. floor. If you're lucky enough to have seen them perform "Jolene", then you've seen how much Jack and Meg get into playing it. Meg looks skyward and mouths the lyrics while drumming, while Jack howls the chorus with the intensity of a woman whose heart was ripped out of her chest. Most male-fronted bands, if forced to cover this song, would take the ironic route, but the White Stripes perform it with utter sincerity and turn it into a showstopper.

"Jolene" (live in Boston, 4/20/03)- The White Stripes

Next, we have a guy singing as an anorexic teenage girl. In her case, anorexia isn't a matter of simple vanity or mental illness. She wants to waste away into oblivion and finds "such beautiful dignity in self abuse", as she shrinks throughout the song until she weighs 63 pounds (or 4st 7lb). It's disturbing, but it's also very well done, and features harrowing lyrics and a compelling vocal performance.

"4st 7lb"- Manic Street Preachers

Well, I wouldn't really say this next song had train wreck potential. It's just a bit odd to hear a male voice singing the Shirelles hit "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." In the Shirelles version, a girl questions whether her boyfriend really loves her or if he'll leave when he gets what he wants. The song hit quite a nerve with teenage girls back in 1960, who had to deal with crushing social mores in addition to their relationship dilemmas. This meaning is somewhat diminished when a guy takes over the vocal duties, but Wilco's version of the song is so simple and beautiful that it doesn't really matter.

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"- Wilco

Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Cure to Headline Sunday at Coachella
Confirmed by the band's official website. The press release posted there also confirms the Flaming Lips. Tickets will go on sale Saturday, Feb. 14, and will cost $75 per day with a limited number of two-day tickets going for $140, plus $1 a day for charity.

Friday, January 16, 2004

The 27 Club
Ah, the 27 Club. It's rock's most prestigious club, probably because membership comes at such a high cost. You know, not living to see your 28th birthday. I just caught ChaChaCha's post about the latest issue of NME, and it seems that the magazine decided to add a couple of members who don't really belong. Check it out:

Jeff Buckley
Born: Nov. 17, 1966
Died: May 29, 1997

These dates are confirmed by Allmusic and his official website. He was 30 years old, which is still way too soon, but it's not 27.

Tupac Shakur
Born: June 16, 1971
Died: Sept. 13, 1996

These dates are confirmed by Allmusic and this obsessive fansite. Tupac was 25.

Sorry to be so nitpicky, but just because I dropped out of journalism school doesn't mean that factual errors don't still bug me.

AND they put Sid Vicious on the cover! You know what I think of him....

For those who are curious, the official 27 Club list, in chronological order:

- Legendary Delta bluesman Robert Johnson. Died at the age of 27 from someone poisioning his drink. Some claimed that he signed a deal with the devil, who had come to collect, and that after three days of excruciating pain, he fell to his hands and knees, howled like a dog, and dropped dead. Well, it's just a story, but a damn good one. In all seriousness, this guy was probably the first rock star, and was a hero to dudes like Keith Richards and Eric Clapton.

- Brian Jones. Died July 3, 1969 at the age of 27 from drowning in his own swimming pool. As you probably already know, he was a founding member of the Rolling Stones.

- Jimi Hendrix. The official cause of death was asphyxiation, or in other words, he OD'd (pills) and choked on his own vomit.

- Sixteen days after Hendrix's death, Janis Joplin died. Heroin overdose, but medical experts believe it was the result of a synergistic reaction of the heroin and alcohol.

- Jim Morrison died July 3, 1971, exactly two years to the day after Brian Jones. Except instead of a pool it was a bathtub, and instead of drowning, the cause of death was listed as a heart attack. However, some believe he had gotten into his girlfriend's heroin and OD'd. And then there are people who think he's still alive. Strangely enough, the last words he had written in his journal were "last words...last words...out". Or at least that's the story.

- Last on the list is Kurt Cobain. I think pretty much everyone knows what happened to him. Of course, there are a ton of conspiracy theories.

This isn't to say that this is every musician who died at the age of 27. I know that a keyboard player for the Grateful Dead died at 27, and I'm sure there are more. But the above list is what is traditionally considered the 27 Club.

A final note. As you can see, the above deaths are anything but glamorous (choking on vomit? Eww). Death in general isn't glamorous. The reason we'll continue to idolize these people is because we'll never see them get old and fat and hear them record shitty music. They'll always remain young rock stars, and talented ones, at that.
Coachella Update!
It looks like Moving Units will be on the bill, according to this post on the band's bulletin board. Yeah, it's a bulletin board, but this looks pretty legit, so Moving Units are going on the 'confirmed' list.
Motor City Sounds
Since it's a slow news day, I'll let you in on a little secret. Detroit's Metro Times has an amazing artist database that includes a profile of just about every band in town, as well as mp3s for those bands. Frankly, every city should have one of these. I've spent hours here before digging for cool stuff. And I've found some, which I'll share with you.

"My Life"-The Bomb Pops
I love this song, it's so catchy! It reminds me of the Ramones, and it's about "playing in a rock and roll band" and has one of those no fail "ooooooo" background vocal things kick in for a little at the 50 second mark (the song is only 1:44).

"Until You Came Along"-The Singles
I've mentioned this band here before, but I'm gonna mention them again 'cause this song is so good. Actually, they had a record come out in August and the whole thing is good. The music is early 60s (in sound only) guitar-driven pop with lovelorn lyrics, and if I had bothered to compile a favorite songs of 2003 list, this would've made the top 10.

I remember this band used to be really popular locally, back in the late 90s. I think they got as much local press as the White Stripes, and even tied with them in a reader's poll category of "Best Local Band to Make It Big Next". Although, I think they've broken up since. Also, the band name sounds like they'd be some electronic goth band, and the singer does tell her boyfriend "I'll tear you...apart into Pieces...one by one.." (and it sounds like he deserves it), but the track is pure alt-pop.

"Go Getter"-Ko and the Knockouts
I didn't really find out about Ko and the Knockouts through this website, but through the excellent track "Black and Blue" on the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit compilation. They're one of the Detroit bands who actually seems to like Motown more than the Stooges. This particular track is more of a rocker with a pop chorus, with that great vintage vibe that we've come to love about bands from this city.

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'll save some of my other findings for another slow news day.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Yet Another Coachella Update
Thanks to a tip via email, we can add The Crystal Method and Basement Jaxx to the confirmed list. An article in The Press-Enterprise (registration required), says the following:
The Crystal Method's Ken Jordan said Coachella will be the duo's LA-area stop in a spring tour. A publicist has said Basement Jaxx is on the bill.

Another Coachella Update
Astralwerks confirms The Sleepy Jackson.
Wait, Skipping School Is Illegal? If That's True I Should Be Doing Life In Prison.
I-Mockery makes a, uh, mockery out of pathetic comic strips from lawforkids.org. The comics are amusing enough, but the smart-ass comments are great:
Ah see, this is where I can see an outsider would get confused. Tagging the words 'EVIL' on the wall is perfectly legal. However, this little vagrant was actually writing "EVE 6 RULES!" on a wall. Frankly, he's lucky they didn't give him the chair.

Take this strip for example... it's clearly trying to teach kids an important lesson. And what lesson is that? The lesson is that if you go for a ride in a 'cool car', you will be arrested even if you're a passenger. So make sure you only go for a ride in non-cool cars, like a Pinto.

(link via Pop Culture Junk Mail)

Filesharers Fear Not
If you get an email from the FBI's "Department For Illegal Internet Downloads", it's b.s.

Coachella Update
Oh look! Someone is playing Sunday! Pollstar confirms T. Raumschmiere. I have no idea who or what that is, but it's confirmed.
Justin Darkness Explains the Success of His Band
"It's like the three stages of rabies. First people fear us, then they start foaming at the mouth because they want us. And then they start attacking other people."

Vh1 reports that Permission to Land is at number 39 on the US charts. Also, the Darkness will be back in North America from March 24 to April 18.

What made me laugh is that the last part of his quote is so true. I met this one girl at their Roxy gig who said something to the effect of, "With most bands I like, I just want to keep them to myself. But not the Darkness. I want to share them with the world. It's like Jesus."

Eddie Van Halen Interview
When I was a kid, Eddie Van Halen was my guitar hero, so I enjoyed this interview where he discusses the Van Halen reunion rumors, his kid, and why nobody makes the kind of music that his old band used to. The DJ's called him up at eight in the morning, just as he was about to go to bed.

Jack Black on His New Film
"I've begun production on a movie of my own called 'Hot Valley'. It's better than 'Cold Mountain'. It's the opposite. It's about a guy on a journey to find the person he hates to kill them!"

More of his threats to Jack White here.

LA Weekly On 103.1
Some interesting facts here. I said last week I'd listen and weigh in on it. So, here's my verdict: It's the best radio station in town, but that doesn't mean the station is all that great. As far as indie goes, it's a very safe, very repetitive playlist. What else do you expect from Clear Channel? I mean, I love Nirvana, the Beasties, the Clash and the Smiths as much as anyone, but that doesn't mean I need to hear one song from each band every hour or two. Although, I will give them some credit for not just playing singles. And I don't like Pearl Jam. And 103.1 plays them just as much as the other bands I just mentioned. Once in a while you'll hear a great song, but you have to sit through the bland stuff to hear it. And if you wanna hear new indie artists? Forget it. The newest thing I heard them play was the new Strokes single. Actually, that might be the ONLY new thing I've heard them play. I'd rather just listen to my iTunes on 'random', commercial-free.

Random Notes
The Motel 6 in Indio still has rooms, I just booked yesterday (as hotels go, it's pretty cheap). Also, I just got my ticket to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (because I love looking like an ass on television), which reminds me that I still don't have a ticket for their Troubadour show. Not that I really expect to get one, but if you or anyone you know has a ticket they wanna get rid of, email me. It would be a nice birthday present, since the gig is the day before my birthday.

I also would like to thank the people who have sent me such nice feedback. I really appreciate it. I'm bringing it up here because I have no clue what the proper etiquette is for the situation. Are responses expected or seen as superfluous? I feel like a total dork for asking, but I seriously don't know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Another Coachella Update
Just checked Pollstar and found that the Sahara Hotnights and The (International) Noise Conspiracy are confirmed for Saturday. Goldenvoice should follow the Swedish theme and get the Hives to come back. Also, um, are there going to be any bands playing Sunday?
Jack White pleads innocent for aggravated assault charge.

Bands Appearing At SXSW
Donewaiting.com has an enormous list of bands appearing at SXSW on their message board.

More on the Morrissey Album
Tiny Mix Tapes has additional info on the album, as well as a list of possible song titles. I think I've posted a link to this place before, but you can find some live versions of the tentative songs here.

Coachella Update
MTV further confirms that Radiohead and the Pixies will be playing Saturday night at Coachella. They also confirm Kraftwerk for Saturday. I'd also like to thank the folks who have sent in tips via email.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Free Mp3s!
The very cool radio station WOXY in Cincinnati recently hosted a battle of the bands contest, and is posting mp3s from the top 20 bands here. There's a lot of boring dad-rock, though I am enjoying the fuzzed-out power-pop of The Spectacular Fantastic.
It's been a slow news day, so why not check out this bootleg of The Bens (Ben Kweller, Ben Lee, Ben Folds), from a show in Perth, Australia last year. The performance of "Song For the Dumped" is priceless.

Amusing tale from my music industry class: Sony is SO pissed about the flop of Michael Jackson's Invincible that they refuse to send platinum records to the folks who worked on it, despite the double platinum sales.

They Can Manage Intergalactic Travel, But They Can't Make Their Own Donuts?
This article alleges that extraterrestrials are just stopping by Earth to pick up Krispy Kremes.

A History of Flappers
At least, I think that's what this is. Or it's pointless babbling about relatives. Not sure.

Quotes of the Day
"Paul is fuel to the fires that will burn you in Hell."
-Mimi Smith (John Lennon's aunt), warning John about Paul McCartney

"Women who fall in love with musicians need therapy immediately. Women who fall in love with drummers are beyond hope."
-my Beatles/Rock History professor (who is also a musician)

Monday, January 12, 2004

The White Stripes are the first to sign on to perform at the Grammys.

Also, I found this great article from the Guardian. It turns out that the pathetic, whiny music we've been hearing for the past five years about kids wanting to kill themselves and hating their mommies and daddies now has a name: Therapy Rock. The article suggests that the popularization of this kind of music implies that today's kids are troubled, but I disagree.

Thinking back to my high school days (which weren't all that long ago), I remember that the biggest fans of that crap weren't the disadvantaged kids with divorced parents. Hell no. The people who walked around quoting those lyrics nonstop were the kids who still had both parents and lived in a $500,000 house and got a car for their 16th birthday.

My theory is that 'therapy rock' is so huge because today's youth has become so spoiled and complacent that they don't have anything else to do. They don't have any struggles to overcome. To get what they want, all they have to do is show up. And this conflicts with the values we're taught when we're young. We're supposed to work hard. We're taught that overcoming challenges and obstacles adds meaning to our lives and makes us better people. These kids don't have any challenges, so they create them. And that's how we end up with bunch of shitty songs about petty issues like arguing with your parents, or wanting to kill yourself just because, um, well, those songs never really give a reason do they?

The feeling reflected in those songs is so shallow because the people who write the lines (like this gem: 'You're feeling sad, you're feeling lonely, and no one seems to care/ Your mother's gone and your father hits you/This pain you cannot bear.'), and the people who appreciate them don't feel them at all. They're just desperate to grasp to something, anything, to give them some kind of feeling of having a purpose in life, of having something to accomplish or overcome.

Or I could just be totally wrong.
Lou Reed Loves Outkast
Claims "Hey Ya" is the reason he loves rock and roll (or, rnr, as he put on his website). Also plans to release a 2 CD set of his performance at LA's Wiltern Theatre last year.

Jeff Tweedy to Release Book of Poetry
Let's hope it turns out better than Jewel's. The book will be titled Adult Head and will be 50 pages. It will be the first book in what the publisher is calling the Nightingale Editions, which, in the future, should feature poetry by more songwriters. You can check out some sample poems here.

Completely Unnecessary: Bad Covers of Great Songs
That's this week's mp3 theme. Let's start with the Stooges' classic "Search and Destroy". The original is an explosive ode to alienation, the sound of someone with a 'heart full of napalm' and nothing worth caring about. Or at least it was, until Sid Vicious decided to cover it. Now I know finding fault with Sid Vicious' musical talent is like finding fault with, uh, Fred Durst's musical talent (so obvious it doesn't really need to be mentioned). But still, people shouldn't be allowed to butcher songs like this. Vicious' version is boring, lazy, sloppy...the complete opposite of the original. Punk rock my ass.

"Search and Destroy"- Iggy and the Stooges
"Search and Destroy"- Sid Vicious

Another awesome song is "Pablo Picasso", by the Modern Lovers. The first time I heard this song I was like, "What the hell is this?", convinced it was the dumbest song in existence. I mean, the very first lyric is, "Some people try to pick up girls and get called an asshole. This never happened to Pablo Picasso." But the song won me over. It's just so weird and snotty and funny that it's cool. When I heard that David Bowie was gonna cover it on his new album, I thought it would be pretty cool, 'cause if anyone can muster up the swagger needed for this tune, it's Bowie. So what the hell happened?

"Pablo Picasso"- The Modern Lovers
"Pablo Picasso"- David Bowie (live in Rotterdam)

Lastly, we have the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army". I'm pretty sure everyone on the face of this earth has heard the song, so I won't go into details (and I also won't have it for download). You know, some people think that Jack White's voice is kind of grating. Jack White sounds like the greatest fucking singer of all time compared to the lethargic slurrings of Chris Cornell on this song. This cover is plodding and dull, and not even guitar wizard Tom Morello can bring it back to life. I miss Rage.

"Seven Nation Army"- Audioslave

Friday, January 09, 2004

CMJ in Trouble?
According to a rumor on FuckedCompany, the College Media Journal has laid off more than 50% over the past month and a half, some still owed pay.

The Darkness Hits Top 100 In US
According to NME, the album jumped from 173 to 92. How did that happen? It'll be interesting to see how the album does after their Letterman performance tonight.

On the one hand, I think these guys really have a chance for success over here. Everyone I've played the record for loves it, and there is a distinct lack of bombast and, well, fun in mainstream rock. When was the last time a totally badass guitar riff blasted out of the speakers while you were listening to the radio (and Classic Rock stations don't count...) On the other hand, extensive market testing in middle America (in other words, having my high school sophomore brother play the record for his friends), reveals that high schoolers hate the Darkness. If you wanna be a star, you've gotta win over New York and LA. But if you want to be a superstar, you've gotta win over the kids in Kansas and Milford, MI. That's my two cents.

Coachella Update!
See the turquoise column on the left? See the button that says "Coachella Rumors"? If you click that, you'll get a little pop-up window that lists every confirmed and rumored act (to the best of my knowledge). So I don't have to keep posting the full list of confirmed acts on this page and driving the out-of-state people crazy. But I will make little updates telling the latest I have found. And today's confirmations are:

-Death Cab for Cutie (date still unknown/ source: Pitchfork)
-Air (date unknown/ source: Billboard)

Finally, if you check the rumor list and you know something I don't, whether it's about a rumored or confirmed band, email me and let me know.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Fountains of Wayne shoot clip for "Mexican Wine", spoof American Idol.

Morrissey names new solo album You Are the Quarry, which should be out in April.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Play on Jimmy Kimmel Show
...on Jan. 20. You can fill out a whole bunch of crap to request tickets at this site. (via Light Up the Sky)

Coachella Update!
Pollstar confirms Electric Six for Saturday, and The Thrills for Sunday. Billions confirms LCD Soundsystem for Saturday.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Hey Kids, Wanna Be in a Vines Video?
It seems that the next Vines video will be directed by Michel Gondry. If you wanna be in it here are the details:

-Casting mid January
-Video shoots end of January
-Looking for all types of bands
-Must have 3-5 members
-Combination of guitars, bass, drums, singers
-Must be able to learn a VINES song
-Must have own instruments
-Must be at least 18 years old and legal to work in this country

Email: thevinescasting AT hotmail.com
Phone: (323) 817-7480 for more info

Coachella Rumors
Yes, it's January, so that marks the official beginning of Coachella speculation. The lineup is rumored to be announced next month. The dates are May 1-2, once again at the Empire Polo Field in Indio. The latest rumors include:

-Radiohead headlining Saturday
-the Pixies
-Broken Social Scene
-Nine Inch Nails (a possible headliner for Sunday?)

Also, Pollstar confirms Prefuse 73 and Sidestepper for Sunday.

Clear Channel Does Indie?
I've been hearing a bit about this new station in the area, 103.1, that's supposed to be playing good music. Apparently, KDLD Santa Monica and KDLE Newport Beach are simulcasting Alternative 'Indie 103.1'. Both stations are part of the Clear Channel Radio Sales network. Pitchfork has more, and includes a sample playlist. It doesn't look like we're gonna be hearing the Stooges and the Velvet Underground or Elephant 6 bands, but hell, in today's radio world a station that plays the Pixies, Nirvana, the Smiths, and the White Stripes within an hour is a godsend.

Actually, I just turned on the station, and they were playing some mopey 80s junk and are now playing Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up". Holy Crap! Now they're playing the Verve's "The Drugs Don't Work"! I LOVE this song! I'll definitely give this station a shot over the next week and report if it's any good. It's weird, 'cause I haven't listened to the radio in ages.

Home Sweet Home
My first morning back in LA and I was woken up at 7 a.m. by my neighbors, you know, the woman and her 'crackhead' ex-husband/boyfriend. I've mentioned them here before. This guy pops up once a month or so, and this woman starts yelling at him, stuff like "Get yo' ass outta my truck, crackhead!" and she frequently threatens to call the police, and ends every sentence with calling the guy 'crackhead'. Meanwhile, the guy (who either really is on crack or is drunk) climbs into her truck and starts honking the horn. This usually happens at 3 a.m.

Lest you think I'm awful and making fun of a situation with a violent crackhead bothering his ex-whatever, I assure you that there is no question as to who's in charge of this situation: the woman. If any ass-kicking is gonna happen, she'll be the one to dish it out, 'cause the guy is clearly a bumbling idiot.

So anyway, this morning I hear that unmistakable voice "Get outta here, crackhead! Or I'm gonna call the police!" Then I hear a car alarm for 20 seconds, and I think that she's just gonna let it go until the cops show up, but then it stops and a motor starts. And then I hear the horn honk. I wonder if she drove him to the police station.

Further commentary on 103.1...
- they are now playing a little Nirvana from Bleach, "Floyd the Barber." I always laugh at this song because Kurt wrote it to make fun of "The Andy Griffith Show". I hated that show.
- earlier there was the Ramones, "I Don't Wanna Grow Up", and the Beastie Boys with "Intergalactic".

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Ryan Adams Vs. Jim DeRogatis...Round 2
As previously reported, Chicago Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis wrote an amusingly scathing review of Ryan Adams' recent Chicago gig. So Adams decided to leave an angry (read: unintentionally hilarious) message on DeRogatis' answering machine. You can get a real audio version here, or an mp3 version from Ultragrrrl's site.

New Mp3s
A new year deserves new mp3s. I think from now on I'll just put up mp3s of whatever great, hilarious, or bizarre stuff I have sitting on my computer or in my record collection. Maybe I'll even change them weekly. Today, I'm in a 60s pop kind of mood. The first mp3 is a Beach Boys track that was recorded in 1969 but never released until 1998. I'm not a huge Beach Boys fan, but I love this song. The second mp3 is a gem hidden on the vast Nuggets box set. Many members of the band responsible for the track, the Choir, went on to form power-poppers the Raspberries.

"Soulful Old Man Sunshine"- The Beach Boys
"It's Cold Outside"- The Choir

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Whoa. I didn't intend to take two weeks off of my blog or the internet, it just sort of happened. Hopefully everyone had a good holiday. Here is a selection of highlights from the past couple of weeks:

- I visited my best friend's new apartment and forced her to clean her room. I also photographed her getting wasted on her 21st birthday. Unfortunately, I left the bar before she started dancing.
- I finally met my new cousins, who were adopted from Russia. They are so adorable! I hadn't met them before because my dad and his brother hadn't been speaking for about six years.
- I finally saw School of Rock. It is the best movie ever made about music. Leaving the theater after seeing that movie is like leaving a venue after a great show, you have a big, goofy grin on your face that won't come off for hours. Afterwards, I made a total pig of myself at Super Buffet.
- Later (since it was New Year's Eve), I went over to a friend's apartment where a few of us sat around with these guys from North Flint (which, to my understanding, is pretty ghetto) who thought we were totally lame. Sorry dudes. That's what we do for New Year's. We sit around, drink, and talk. We enjoy it, so what the hell is your problem?
-I watched World Idol. I thought the German guy and the British guy were pathetic. Especially the British guy. How the hell do you take one of the sexiest and most exciting songs in the history of rock ("Light My Fire") and turn it into elevator music?? The Norwegian guy was pretty cool, so I'm glad he won.
- My friend Sarah is totally pissed at me. For a really stupid reason. You see, I like to make compilation CDs for my friends, with songs by bands they've never heard of that I think they'll like. Sarah hates the Strokes. For no reason. At all. Well, she probably just hates them because I love them. That's Sarah. Anyway, I KNEW she'd like "The End Has No End", but I also knew she wouldn't even listen to it if she knew it was the Strokes. So I put "the Strokes" into some anagrams website, and it gave me the pseudonyms "Rhet Stokes" and "Thee Storks". So I said the song was really by a new wave band from New York in the 1980s called "Rhet Stokes", who had named themselves after a homeless man that gave the singer guitar lessons. As it turns out, she really liked the song, which I anticipated. What I did not anticipate was that she'd go around telling all her friends at work about the song and the mysterious band Rhet Stokes. For that reason, she was really pissed when I revealed, "AHA! That was really the Strokes! You like a Strokes song! Is it really so painful?" She now denies she ever liked the song, and yells "Fuck you, bitch!" anytime I mention the Strokes or Rhet Stokes.

Well, that's enough for now. If anyone cares, I'll probably resume regular updates Tuesday when I get home, provided that the ghetto thugs in my neighborhood have not stolen my computer. To tell the truth, I'll be amazed if it's there. My school has a HUGE problem with theft. Our football team are National Champions but we can't even walk around in our neighborhood. Beautiful. Oh well, if my computer is gone I'll just go to the lab.

One last thing...I can't BELIEVE I didn't know about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing at the Troubadour this month! The Troubadour! Of course, it's sold out and I'm sure this is useless...but if you have a ticket you'd like to part with, by all means, email me. I'd be willing to pay double the face value (for a grand total of $30) and you would totally be my hero.

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